To The Man I Chose Over My Ex

I hope that he finds something in her that changes who he is and causes him to love her a lot more than he loved me, because she is in for one long miserable hell of a ride if he doesn’t. I would never wish that upon anyone. The truth of the matter is: I want him to be happy. We weren’t happy together, but there are other people out there that we can actually enjoy our lives with. There was no trust, too much anger, too much jealousy, too much possessiveness. I can’t be with someone like that.

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Friends: The Complete SeriesFriends: The Complete Series

We planned to meet in a dingy bar on Broadway Street in Nashville and to be honest, I considered ditching you. It was only about 11 PM and my ex had already texted me, asking me to leave the bars and come to his place. In that moment, I thought about it, I really did. I missed him and I wanted to be with him, but he just moved to Nashville and I knew it would never work. He wasn’t the type to put in the effort that a long-distance relationship requires and we both knew it was time for things to be over. But he had a way with me. To put it bluntly, I was like a cracked-out meth head when it came to him. It never mattered how pissed off I was, he always found his way back to me, smiling and pretending…

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