You Don’t Have to Care About Feminism — But At Least Understand What It Is

Thought Catalog


Today I saw a Tumblr post about Shailene Woodley, the actor from Divergent, giving an interview about why she doesn’t consider herself a feminist. In short, she states that she doesn’t agree with feminism because it’s based on the idea of “raising women to power, and taking the men away from power”. She believes that there should be a fine balance between men and women in power, and having only one or the other wouldn’t work. She states that men can’t respect women because women don’t respect each other, and are constantly putting one another down.

While I think Shailene is a bit confused as to what the definition of feminism actually is, I understood her sentiment as I read the article. I wasn’t particularly offended by what she said but I was, however, I was a bit distressed by the comments on the post. One Tumblr user…

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