10 Important Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Thought Catalog

1. Write ‘Thank You’ notes.

Write them for your teachers after you leave the school you’re in, write them after you go on a job, write them after you tour a school for college, write them to people who wouldn’t expect them. In a world full of technology, ‘thank you’ notes make you stand out. However, don’t buy cards that say ‘thank you’ on them. Buy blank cards. Apparently the one’s that already say ‘thank you’ are tacky — unless it’s written in Shakespeare: “Evermore, thanks” is acceptable. Write about what that person did to touch you or help you grow as a person, or in the case of a job interview, thank them for taking time out of their schedule.

2. When you’re invited into somebody’s home, whether that is for a small party or to spend the night, bring a hostess gift!

Chocolate is always acceptable. So is…

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