Yes, I Am Single. No, There Is Nothing Wrong With Me.

Thought Catalog

I am a 28-year-old, single female. I am not married, engaged or dating at the moment. I am a rare species in Colombo, Sri Lanka where I live.
Every time someone asks me about my relationship status, which they shamelessly do, sometimes within minutes of first meeting me, they respond in sympathy. I get a variety of reactions of which my favorites include; “You have few years more”, “It’s ok, you don’t look your age, you’ll find someone” and “Are your parents looking for someone?”. Of course, then there are people who offer to set me up with their brothers, cousins or single friends despite my best efforts to be polite while showing I am not even slightly interested in their matchmaking efforts. Whether they are offering their words of sympathy or extending their matchmaking services, everyone seem to think I have a problem i.e my single status that…

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