The Moment You Know You Know You Know

love is love is love

A Different Sort of Solitude

Aspies are pretty retarded with feelings. That’s not to say we don’t feel things- oh, wouldn’t that be nice- but we often don’t understand the things we feel. Usually because we’re feeling all the things, and all the things are screaming at us.

This can be kind of a bitch when it comes to romantic attraction. I mean, romantic attraction is complicated for us anyway, what with our difficulty reading body language and facial expressions, and our somewhat inconsistent social skills.

But not being able to tell if you’re even attracted to someone is, for me, probably the part that fucks with my head the most.

I’m at least somewhat used to figuring this shit out. If we go all the way back to middle school, I have had crushes on eight people. So I’ve gone through this process enough times to kind of know what’s going on in my…

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