I Picked The Easy Route Once

I was the hard route and he picked me anyway…

Thought Catalog

Or, I should say, the easier route. It is the only time I think I broke someone else’s heart, but I can’t be sure. I hurt them though. I hurt myself. My heart broke too, when I picked the easier route. I deserved the hurt and heartbreak that came with my choice.

I picked the easier route because he scared me. The intensity in his eyes when he looked at me; like I was the cure for blindness he never knew he had. The way he said my name; like it was the only word he needed to know. The safe and comforting way his arm felt on my shoulders. It felt like with his arm there, I could hold the weight of the world. And for a brief moment, when I allowed his arm to rest there, I did hold the weight of the world with ease.

He came…

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