Grateful? And I still can’t seem to write in this blog

I can’t seem to understand why I cannot get into the habit of this blogging thing. I’ve tried I really have I even downloaded the app on my cell phone! Tonight though I moved the app from the second page to the first page so I will see it on my home screen right next to Facebook. I am hoping instead of updating my status which I never forget to do I will, update my blog. It’s sad to me that I can’t find the time or the willingness to update my blog. I can’t believe I used to want to be a writer. That dream seems so far away from the person that I am. I could still see myself writing a book but it would probably be a memoir or some book to help improve one’s clinical practice. I should be writing this blog not only when days are good but when days are bad. I should’ve definitely been updating this blog lately because so many things have happened! I have so many things to be grateful for! I have three great jobs they’re keeping me very busy. I am not sure if the work is keeping me busy or the fact that I worrying so much about the jobs. I really want to do well and I feel like I have been given such a great opportunity to grow and develop my skills further. Considering I went to university for seven years there’s a lot of pressure. That’s over half of a decade.

I always liked school, it felt so familiar to me. I was never a scholar though. Typically I was an average student. But when I needed to get straight A’s to get into grad school for instance, I got straight A’s. When I wanted straight A’s throughout grad school I got straight A’s. You see, when I want to do something I do it! Too bad I can’t remember this willpower when I need to do stuff like exercise or eat better.
These next couple months there’s going to be huge changes for me. If everything goes according to plan it’s going to be great changes for me. I will be able to help people the way that I want to help people. I will learn new skills and further develop pre-existing ones. I will at most make a difference. I am trying so hard to remain grateful for these blessings. I know there will be difficult days ahead but if I remain faithful I will be able to get through them. I am beginning to understand why these last few months have been so difficult, being unable to find employment in the sector I want. I may not be in the most ideal situation right now trying to balance everything. But I am able to see my dreams become more of a reality. I need to fight for what I want and not give up and keep trying to make my dreams a reality. Then I will hopefully get new dreams and something else to strive for. I will definitely try to keep my journey within this blog. If you happen to be reading that, please send love and light my way and I will do the same. xo


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