17 Things That No One Should Settle For

Settling is easy. Settling is convenient.

Thought Catalog

By definition, settling just means to be secure and steady. It’s not an inherently bad thing. Stability is important– but not indefinitely so. It’s the place from which comfortable things come, but not the wild, passionate or unexpected. Once in a while you have to reach hard in the direction of allowing yourself to be better than you once conceived you could be. Settling is easy. Settling is convenient. But it doesn’t leave room for unbridled possibility. It gives you what you ask for: safety, routine, normalcy. But when it comes to the things that really do matter, that usually isn’t enough.

1. Being someone’s option if they are your priority.

2. Doing anything because you assume that you couldn’t do or find better. Nothing extraordinary ever seems initially, inherently feasible.

3. Remaining in the limbo between risk and fear: most times, all that you have to lose is false hope…

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