What Really Makes You Brave?

Authentic bravery means moving past our perceptions of our own smallness. It means doing, saying and thinking the things that others are afraid will deny them love. It means being examples of love toward ourselves, so that others might see and believe that they are lovable. Courage is staring into the eye of our personal storm and reveling in the beauty of its power

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What is courage? We all have an image that comes to mind when we hear the word, phantom visions of heroes from stories we were told as children. We idolize those images: those soldiers, superheroes and knights in shining armor of our youth. We gaze wistfully at their likenesses and wonder what it is they have that we lack. Often we think the heroes are heroes because they were born that way; it is their duty and purpose in the world to be courageous, just as it is the duty and purpose of teachers to teach and mothers to mother. The stories tell us you are a hero because of an experience that happens to you, be it falling into a vat of radioactive waste or being born a prince in a beautiful castle already destined to rescue the princess. This is where the myths got it wrong.

In reality…

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