A word vom pep talk for the bosses out there.

hannah brencher.


Have you ever played the “If I believed in past lives, I would be _____________” game? I think I might have just invented it on the way to my favorite coffee shop but still, the game feels like a riot and I was only playing it by myself so I imagine it would be even better with actual people playing alongside you.

You could be anyone, really. Cleopatra. A fox (because who does not want to be a fox these days?). Shirley Temple. A tree in the Hunger Games.(Y’all are thinking, why wouldn’t you want to be Katniss? And you know a lot of us are all blah-blah-I’m-not-good-enough-to-be-Katniss so let’s quit the drama and settle on being a lame tree instead. Maybe I’ll convince you to be Katniss by the end of this post.)

Basically, if I believed in past lives, I’d be one of those cool, kind-of pudgy…

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