my last apology…

In a perfect world, you’d be far more to me than a lesson learned. A chapter closed off. A book ending. A number deleted. A beginning rising that doesn’t hold your name in the dedication section. I’m sorry I kept you all this time. Safe in a heart that gripped crumbs for too many years. I’m learning not to tangle you in any longer. Not to weave you into conversations that never were fit for your name.

 You and I both know that our wings are waiting in separate corners of this earth.

I have no more words for you.. I wasted them all, WE wasted them all.. now I can only think of you and write about you through other people’s words. But I thought you deserved this apology. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry I never loved you for you.  I hope you collect all the scattered pieces of yourself that I have chucked out the window and that now float through this city. I hope you believe in yourself again like you did when I first met you. I hope you find the dream in someone else. People told me you deserved a closure piece and I deserved peace. Thank you for finally giving me peace… peace to know you will love and be loved. ❤



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