The good life

this song reminds me of spring 2011. I had just finished my undergrad and certificate. I just found out I got into my Masters. My health was getting on track, I was exercising. I had met a lot of new friends that year. I had several prospects relationships wise. Things were going well. There was something safe about that time in my life, something peaceful even if it didn’t last too long. It began with gratitude. When I found out I got early acceptance into my top pick school for grad school I cried tears of joy. I was able to see so clearly the things I was grateful for. It’s easy to see those things when everything you’ve ever wanted was in your reach. It’s harder these days but I can still muster up some gratitude even on the darkest days. I listen to this song and remember how secure I felt in those moments. I’m grateful I had that period of my life where everything felt like it was going to be OK.


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