orange potatoes! Gratitude rap up for this week.. hahah get it? Rap up !

my mommy– she happens to be the greatest, strongest and bravest woman I know. if I am half as good as a mother as she is, my babies will be very lucky!


gum balls

half coffee, half hot chocolate

Marshall Mathers LP2

my love of shoes

cluster bracelets

gorgeous hair

the feeling of crisp cool air against a blushing face

Drake’s awesome lyrical one liners from NWTS

mint tic tacs

boys with beautiful smiles

waxed legs

Banks music

clear skin

sisters that love me

being able to make people laugh, being able to laugh

the fact I am not the mayor of Toronto

a cat that can turn from seducer to defender in 1 second

fitting into pants from 2 years ago

being able to even consider buying $400 BCBG shoes… and deciding not to because of reprioritizing..

feeling accepted at work

shellac nail polish



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