Fall back into beauty sleep

1 am

It is amazing how tired I get during the week. My weekends for me are a major part of when I get to sleep in . It was daylight savings time this weekend. We got to fall back into an extra hour of sleep. I love Sundays mostly, because although I sleep at least 12 hours, I get a lot done. Today I managed to sleep 11 hours, have lunch with a former attendant of mine, buy small purchases and finish some paperwork for an interview I have tomorrow. It was pretty productive! The interview I have tomorrow is not a job interview. It directly affects how I manage my life. It’s pretty much the beginning of a new stage in my life & if all goes well it will be a stage that will continue on for the rest of my life. Kind of scary huh? I definitely thought I would be in a different place when I initially applied for this. But that it wasn’t how it turned out and I’m grateful for that. I’m always grateful for the ability to make decisions that only affect me. Also, I am grateful for having such supportive family and friends who remind me that if this is the wrong decision that I will be able to figure out what I will do about it. 

Also I guess I should note, that a lot of times I write these blogs from my cell phone and this site does not have a mobile feature so it is hard to correct Siri when there are spelling or grammatical error in my blogs. 



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