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I can’t say I have never failed. I am a person that often times let’s my nerves get the best of me. I have 1000 thoughts that go through my mind Looking for a place to call home. Today was a day where I felt that I did not perform as best as I could. This isn’t the first day like this. In fact, there are many moments in my life where I have failed. I guess failed is the wrong word. I mean what I set out to do, got done. I just didn’t do it up to my standards.  Every time I have been faced with a failure of some sort,  you know what I remember? The fact that I put myself out there and tried and tried again.  I’m always the first to try new experiences in work or placement setting.  Usually the first one to share vulnerable moment in my practice. So today, I am grateful for the fact that I continue to press on. 



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