having a place to call home…well 2

It was a dreary day in the city. I spent the day doing nothing except flat ironing my hair and watching OWN. It was nice to have a chill at home day, considering I am up at 6 tomorrow (a Sunday) for an event for one of my jobs. I thought about the people who don’t really have a place to go on a cold rainy day. Its about to get colder as its getting to that time of the year again. the city will freeze. people will spend more time indoors. The busy streets will get less busy and people will go out only for necessity, only for a purpose. But then there will be the people who are sitting outside the local tim hortons, on the pavement, with ripped gloves and dirty clothes. I will resist the urge to immediately provide them with information for nearby shelters as I know it isn’t as simple as it seems. But as I sit at home typing this from my laptop in my bed I am grateful for everything I have that surrounds me and all the blessings that have been sent my way.





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