“If you want me, Earn me” 1 out of 1000000 reasons why I love Olivia Pope

just online looking for Thursday’s Scandal episode and I come across my favourite Scandal clip. Olivia Pope has the coolest job. She’s a fixer. She’s one of the most powerful heroines on TV right now. Ever since my friends and I began watching this show people have been drawing parallel’s between me and yes a TV character, despite our different career paths haha. She’s headstrong and brilliant. She has great fashion sense. She helps people put their lives back together despite her own most of the time in shambles. She’s compassionate and loving, she’s a gladiator… she has one liners that cut you straight to the core. “if you want me, earn me” oh and if you’re one of 5 people who don’t watch Scandal I’d get on it. it is the hottest drama on primetime right now 😉


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