3 cheese garlic butter

TGIF !  well technically it’s Saturday now…

I had dinner at the Keg tonight with a great friend. Food and Service were awesome. In the 3 years (+2 in a nearby neighbourhood), I’ve lived in this neighbourhood I never thought I’d have a sense of community, like a real neighbourhood. it’s the part of the city where people of all walks of life meet, It’s the part of the city where you think no one knows your name, but if you listen closely you’ll hear their welcoming words. I love going to a familiar restaurants where the staff and patrons recognize you, actually do remember your name, they remember the last time you were there, and who you were with. Although sometimes I wish to be less noticeable there are moments, like tonight, where I’m grateful people go that extra mile to be kind and considerate and people who recognize the kindness you’ve shown them in return.

tonight alongside my steak and mashed potatoes I ordered a side of 3 cheese garlic butter. Didn’t know the Keg had 3 cheese, garlic butter? well now you do. spread the joy .:.



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