The ticking clock

The  ticking clock

Today was just one of those days where the clock stopped… well it sure seemed like it. There are those moments when you can actually hear  the seconds go by. The ticking of clocks, real and imaginary, can be both a blessing and a curse. Either way it signifies, the passage of time. Time is a funny thing. Recently, I just watched the whole series of Being Erica on Netflix. This show is about a woman in her 30s who finds herself not satisfied with where her life is and where it was going. She meets Tom, a ‘therapist’ who has this ability to time travel and can allow Erica to travel back in time and fix her regrets. This show as implausible as it is, made me think a lot. A lot of regrets superficially seem easy to correct. “I wish I could go back in time to that day and…” In all of the regrets she had, when she did return to the place of her regrets, the lessons she learned all reflected the same themes : when you change one thing, everything changes (aka the butterfly effect), when you have regrets because you just don’t want to have those memories of someone, pieces of your life don’t make sense (aka eternal sunshine of the spotless mind), most of the times when we regret things we realize its rarely about our mistake that we made and want to correct. it’s more like we want to undo something so someone else wouldn’t say/do/feel something. We think it’s rarely, though not never, our fault. There’s no one who doesn’t make mistakes as time passes. Sometimes we don’t realize the magnitude of the universe or God’s plan has on us. Recently, I was about to make a decision to embark on something I was unsure about. It was a personal decision affecting my personal life, a life that I am very good at keeping under wraps. The feeling was familiar to say the least, I had a bad feeling right away. and instead of waiting years (which I’ve done in the past), months (which I’ve also done), I just took myself out of the equation almost immediately. You see, the passage of time is relevant because time passes, it moves, it flows, things change. Without the passage of time, without the lessons learned, we’d be pretty much useless in society. Without progress and inner development we might as well live as if the clock stopped ticking.  Even when time passes quickly when we wish the moments would last longer and even when it doesn’t we should always appreciate the ticking clock



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