The girl crying at starbucks

The girl crying at starbucks

Grande Pumpkin Spiced Latte, no whip-that’s my Fall order at least. Today, as I frequented my favourite Starbucks there was a girl and guy sitting at a table across from one another. I heard some sniffling coming from behind me. It took me awhile to turn around and confirm what I initially thought was happening because I too, have been sniffling for days on end without a single tear shed. When I turned around there she was. Her Iced Grande Rasberry Green Tea something or other, was condensing all over the table and she was crying. She was trying to hide her face and I was hoping she wasn’t trying to hide from me. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so observant. I took a quick glance around the Starbucks and no one was paying attention to the pair. I smiled compassionately at the guy and thought of all the guys in my life who’ve caught my tears with their hands. The guy, somewhat delayed in his comforting, slowly moves his chair beside her. All of a sudden, my name was called and my latte was ready. As I left Starbucks I thought to myself, what a nice reminder of how life is. One day, you’re the girl drinking a pumpkin spiced latte with a smile on her face after a day at work and on another day you’re the girl crying in the Starbucks.


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